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Character Information


Canon Source: Ghost Trick

Canon Format: Video Game

Character's Name: Sissel

Character's Age: ???? (deceased; his form appears to be in his mid-20's)

Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take? An old-style rotary phone modified with a screen and microphone capabilities. The "microphone" puts a recorded voice to Sissel's thoughts, which ordinarily wouldn't be audible (because he's dead.)


Character's Canon Abilities:
Sissel is dead, and exists only as a ghost. Normally this would make him incapable of interacting with the living world at all. However, mysterious circumstances have granted him the ability to use ghost tricks, AKA the extremely rare "powers of the dead."

The first of Sissel's ghost tricks is the ability to possess and manipulate inanimate objects, with a few restrictions. Sissel must be within an inanimate object and cannot "float around" outside of one, except for the brief periods where he is moving from one object to another. He cannot move between objects that are more than about a yard apart from each other. He also cannot do more than slight manipulation of the object-- eg. flipping switches, nudging or shifting an object, opening a door or a latch, etc. He's shown to be unable to manipulate an object in an impossible way-- unlocking things without having the key, for instance, or blatantly defying the laws of physics. He also cannot manipulate extremely large or heavy objects, and it will take lots and lots of practice before he can.

This ability also allows Sissel to move from place to place through telephone lines-- basically the only way he can move long distances by himself. He must travel through physical phone lines, not wirelessly (he could reach the modem through the phone line and then jump to get where he's going, but could not be "broadcast" over the NV network randomly.)

Sissel cannot possess living creatures nor can he animate dead bodies, but his second ghost trick comes into play if he possesses a corpse that has been dead for less than 24 hours. With the power of Fate Aversion, he can jump back in time to exactly four minutes before the person/animal's death occurred. With this extra time, he can try to prevent the death from happening in the first place using his other powers-- for example, using an object to push someone out of the way, preventing a car accident by turning the wheel, etc. If he succeeds, he returns to the present and the incident is erased as though it never happened, though the victim will come away with a vague, dream-like memory of it.

However, this ability is obviously limited by the scope of Sissel's powers within those four minutes. If he can't manipulate the environment enough to change the course of events, he cannot do anything else to help. This ability will also not work after Darkness, since the Darkness will claim any corpses before Sissel can reach them.

(Note: If this ability is too powerful, I am willing to strike this one altogether. If I'm allowed to keep it, there WILL be a permissions post/plotting involved before it is ever used, since sometimes other players will genuinely want their characters to die.)

Other than that, Sissel is an ordinary ghost. He's invisible, he can move through walls, etc. Characters who have psychic powers or sensitivity to spirits will be able to detect Sissel's presence around them. He can change his soul's "appearance" to whatever he likes, though he normally uses the form of his corpse, the red-suited man with the big hair.

Worth mentioning, but not so much an ability as a lack thereof: Sissel can't read. He forgot how.

(If you need more details about Sissel's powers for application purposes, I wrote up a more in-depth explanation here.)

SPOILERY NOTE: Though Sissel believes that he can only exist as a ghost for a single night, this is not at all true. There is no "limit" to how long one can stay a ghost.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them?

Not really a new ability, but a SPECIAL REQUEST FOR A CORE POWER-TWEAK: In canon, Sissel cannot communicate with the living in any way (aside from moving objects around in sight of them.) The only exception to this rule is if he has used his Fate Aversion to rescue someone from death before. This allows him to beam his thoughts into the person's head so that they can hear him speak and "see" an image of Sissel in their minds.

In order to stick to canon, to make Sissel more playable and to avoid having to kill off and then rescue every character in the game, I'd like to request that Sissel be able to telepathically communicate with any character who knows that a ghost is present. Characters who don't notice him will not be able to communicate with him, but should they start to say things like "Is someone there?" or "Are you a ghost?", they will have opened their minds to him and he will be able to reach out to them telepathically. By late in the game, Sissel has saved just about every single cast member anyway, so this isn't too much of a change, and it will also make it a lot easier for him to interact with other characters.

He will be able to communicate with people normally over the NVs, so this will only apply to people who he is in the same room with in a log. It also does not apply to any characters whose abilities allow them to interact with the dead (channelers, psychics, shinigami, etc,) who will always notice Sissel's presence even if he tries to hide from them.

Weapons: NONE. Unless he possesses one.


Character History:

Sissel woke up from a period of unconsciousness one evening to find himself a ghost, freshly murdered, but with no idea of who he was, why he had been killed and who had done the deed. The corpse of a man was slumped-over nearby, and Sissel assumed this to be his own body. With the guidance of a helpful ghost/desk lamp, Sissel learned of his new powers of the dead, or "ghost tricks," and that he had only one night to get to the bottom of his own murder before he would cease to exist on Earth.

The only clue Sissel had to his identity was a young police detective named Lynne, who was at the scene of the murder. After saving her from an assassin, Sissel asked her for her help in finding out about his identity, but Lynne apologized and answered that she was too busy with her own investigation that night. Sissel was disappointed, but with Lynne as his only lead, he continued to follow her, hoping she might lead him to the truth.

As it turned out, Lynne was racing against the clock to stop the execution of her mentor, Detective Jowd, who had spent five years in prison after confessing to the murder of his wife. Lynne believed in Jowd's innocence (even if he did not) and asked Sissel to help her by going places that a living person could never sneak into.

Though Sissel initially insists that he doesn't care about anything except discovering his true identity, before long he has changed his mind and begins using his ghost tricks for good-- namely, for saving the lives of innocents who become caught up in the conspiracy surrounding Lynne's case and Sissel's own murder. As the mystery unravels, Sissel actually gets further and further from his goal of discovering his identity, as many painful truths begin to surface and he becomes more wrapped up in trying to help Lynne. As the sun is about to rise, Sissel has entirely given up on his own identity, determined instead to use his remaining time to stop the violent criminal known as "the manipulator" and save his friends.

Learning that the manipulator will be leaving the country at dawn, Sissel waited for a phone call that would allow him to travel through the phone lines to the villains' submarine. As the phone rang, he raced out across the line... but that's when the Pull grabbed him, dragging him to Siren's Port instead.

This section details information about Sissel's history that he absolutely cannot remember, so I've blanked it out for spoilers (since I know a few mods/app team members are interested in the game.) It explains a few weird details about him, but has no bearing on his character at all (since he has completely forgotten it) and so it won't be coming up in game barring extraordinary circumstances.

Sissel's (really, really) complex history really begins ten years ago, with a man named Yomiel. Yomiel was one of the best computer programmers in the country, and he was hired by the government to design a new database for some of the nation's most closely-guarded secrets. Unfortunately, the project was a target for dozens of criminal organizations, and Yomiel was arrested on the false suspicion of being a spy.

In questioning, Yomiel was grilled by the rookie Inspector Cabanela, who was so convincing in his interrogation that Yomiel was pushed to desperation. When Cabanela left his gun in the room by mistake, Yomiel stole it and escaped from the police station, with Cabanela's partner Detective Jowd hot on his trail. Jowd followed Yomiel to Temsik Park, where the cornered Yomiel took a child Lynne hostage at gunpoint. The standoff was ended when a miracle occurred-- a meteorite crashed into the ground in the center of the park, and a fragment of it broke off and struck Yomiel in the back, piercing his heart and killing him instantly.

The Temsik meteorite, however, was no ordinary rock-- it possessed a bizarre radiation that granted special abilities to people who died nearby it. The deceased Yomiel developed ghost tricks that allowed his soul to possess and control living creatures. Furthermore, due to the chunk of Temsik embedded in his body, Yomiel's corpse could heal from any and all injuries, even any attempt at an autopsy. Possessing his own corpse, Yomiel got up and walked out of the morgue.

Unfortunately, his luck turned out to be more of a curse. In his state, Yomiel could not age or die. He couldn't feel any pain, and with his name in the record as a deceased criminal, he couldn't live like a normal person anymore. To make matters worse, Yomiel's fiancee committed suicide when she heard about his death from the police. To add insult to injury, Yomiel was "posthumously" acquitted of all charges six months after the incident. He was alone in the world, separated from all other people by his ghostly existence.

His only comfort came from a black kitten he found stray in the park where he'd died. Yomiel became deeply attached to the cat, naming it "Sissel" after his dead fiancee. That cat is the true identity of the Sissel we know and love. He began his life as a stray, starving kitten living in Temsik Park until the day Yomiel took him in. Though Sissel adored his master and was happy for the first time in his brief life, the cat knew that his master was miserable. He did his best to keep Yomiel company, but later admits that without human understanding, he simply couldn't comprehend the man's deep pain.

Yomiel grew bitter and twisted as the years went by. Lonely and despising his fate, he began to long for revenge against those who had ruined his life-- Cabanela, Jowd, and even Lynne, the little girl he'd taken hostage. He developed his powers to the point where he could now control people against their will. Five years after the incident in the park, Yomiel went to Jowd's apartment and used his daughter Kamila to rig up a trap, resulting in the murder of Jowd's wife. In order to protect Kamila, Jowd claimed to have killed his wife himself, insisting on receiving the death penalty.

That was only the first of Yomiel's crimes using his new abilities. Yomiel became known to the local police as "the manipulator," for his ability to control other people against their will. The case was kept tightly under wraps, with Inspector Cabanela at the head of the investigation-- everything to do with the manipulator case was kept out of the public knowledge in a secret prison facility. All the criminals who were suspected to have been manipulated into their crimes were kept there, including Detective Jowd.

Five years later, wishing to disappear completely, Yomiel contacted a foreign government and offered to sell himself and the use of his powers to them on two conditions. First, they must assist him in his revenge plot, speeding up Jowd's execution and sending assassins out after Lynne, Cabanela and anyone else who knew about the Temsik incident. Second, they must provide him with a new name and a new life. The foreigners agreed to the terms and scheduled to pick him up at dawn the next day. Yomiel packed up everything he owned into a suitcase, including Sissel.

The night before he was to leave the country forever, Yomiel contacted Lynne and asked her to meet him at a junkyard on the outskirts of town. To further torment her, he manipulated her into shooting him, knowing the images would be captured on security camera and that she would be charged with murder (though he, obviously, would remain unharmed.) Unfortunately, a stray bullet from her gun struck the bag Yomiel was carrying, killing its occupant-- Sissel, who had been sleeping peacefully inside. Yomiel's soul possessed Sissel's body in order to make a getaway, with no idea what had happened to his beloved friend until later, when he left the body and the cat slumped to the ground, dead.

A few minutes later, Sissel's ghost awoke, quickly realizing that he was dead and suffering from total amnesia. Spotting Yomiel's "dead" body nearby, Sissel mistakenly assumed it to be his own, and his spirit took on Yomiel's appearance for the rest of the night.

Sissel chalks up his sudden ignorance of everyday concepts and his illiteracy as being a result of his memory loss-- in truth, being a cat, Sissel has never known about human ideas and has never been able to read. Over the course of the evening, though, by connecting with other humans, Sissel learns about the human world and comes to understand emotions that he'd never experienced before. He discovers that he has a thirst for human knowledge and enjoys observing and learning about their relationships, something he never could have done in the life of a simple cat.


Point in Canon: From before the whole submarine incident in chapter 16.

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality:

Sissel is an unassuming hero, a man with no memory of himself or what has happened to him. An aloof, laid-back and casual person, he's good at taking things in stride and adapting to whatever circumstances he ends up in. He's very observational and often quite sarcastic, making dry remarks about the people and things around him-- it's often all he can do, as his death has removed him from the world physically and left him with only those observations.

At the same time, Sissel is absolutely not the type to stand idly by and watch things happen-- ironically, his death seems to have inspired a refusal to ever just let things be when it is in his power to change them. Once he has set his mind to a task, he will not give up, trying over and over again as many times as he needs to until it gets done. Being a ghost gives you a certain patience for that kind of thing. Sissel has accepted the permanance of his death-- all he really cares about is discovering his true identity and regaining his lost memories before his time runs out. He also doesn't care much about consequences for himself-- he is, after all, dead. What's the worst that could happen to him?

Sissel is a pretty simple guy, and in fact is often puzzled by the names and purposes of everyday objects. He doesn't understand many human concepts that most people would easily know about. Sissel doesn't know what headphones, guitars or wrenches are used for, and he had to deduce the meanings of things like "prison" and "kidnapping." Most scientific facts are also a complete mystery to him. He blames this on his memory loss and will try to gloss over it when it pops up, though it's often quite jarring-- most jarring of all is that he doesn't know how to read. At all.

He can come off as quite self-centered, particularly in his insistence that the only thing he cares about is discovering his true identity. These periods of selfishness usually don't stick for very long-- Sissel is easily sidetracked from his own predicament by his attempts to help other people. Aiding others is an obligation for him simply because it's the right thing to do, and he doesn't see himself as particularly heroic for doing his duty. Due in part to his untimely death, Sissel greatly values life, refusing to accept casualties as inevitable and also refusing to use lives as bargaining chips-- he does not expect and will not accept "payback" in exchange for saving someone, even if they're a perfect stranger. He appreciates honesty in people and once you befriend him, he is loyal and affectionate until the end. Figuratively speaking.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans:

I'll admit I'm pretty excited for the challenge of playing a character who can't speak directly to other people and who doesn't have a body of his own (sadly, personality-wise he is the most "normal" of my SP characters.) I think he will be an interesting fit into the gritty city atmosphere of the game, and that there's a lot of potential stuff I could get him involved in despite his ghostly form.

Sissel's unique physical state (or lack thereof) gives a lot of opportunities for him to help people out with espionage or reconnaissance. I could see him working for the police or for another private investigation firm, perhaps even infiltrating the companies at some point. A ghost also has a lot of neat opportunities to interact with people around here, what with all the psychics and magical Spanish/Japanese death gods floating around. In the meantime, he would work on investigating and understanding the people around him... even if it means living quietly in their apartments at some point.

He also FORGOT HOW TO READ (*dramatic music*) and might see about getting some lessons, sometime.


Note bitchin' haircut.

Also Note: Sissel does not "appear" as anything in person, since he can only inhabit inanimate objects. However, his spirit has taken on the appearance of a blond man with tall hair, wearing sunglasses and a red suit. This is how he will appear in the minds of anyone he talks to.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample


That's odd... I didn't think most people could talk to the dead. But if what I saw that other guy doing was right, maybe I can get a message out on this thing.

So, let's see. He pushed a buCLICK no... did he turn it? Maybe if I [CLICK CLICK WHRRRRRR]



[Rattle... rattle... THUD]

... Hellooo? Can anybody hear me? My name is Sissel. I'm not quite sure where I am or how I got here, but, uh...

Oh great. How do I explain this one?

Uh. Anyway, if you can hear me, I need somebody to do me a favor. Can you come to the big dirt field with the benches on it and pick up a telephone? I need to be dropped off somewhere a little more cluttered.

Third Person Sample

There was a telephone sitting at home plate at the baseball field, an old-style rotary phone modified with a screen. It wasn't plugged into anything, and that's what was puzzling to the spirit currently occupying it.

How did I get into this phone if it wasn't hooked up to a phone line? Sissel wondered. In fact, last I checked I was heading for that submarine... did I dial a wrong number or something?

There were several other people wandering around the baseball field, but nobody seemed to notice the phone. Sissel tried wobbling a bit to knock the receiver off of the stand, but the people were all busy with something else, it seemed. Nobody was paying attention.

Come on, isn't a phone sitting in the middle of a baseball field mysterious enough for people to look at?

An hour passed.

Okay... maybe not.

There was a man sweeping out the inside of the dugout, and now he was the only person around.

I'll just have to try to get his attention somehow. Let's see, if I move this...

The phone began to ring loudly.

Hellooo? Anyone going to pick up the phone over here? Come on, I've got plenty to talk about!

Another hour passed.

It's a good thing ghosts know how to be patient.

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