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Raphael Sorel Application for Siren's Pull

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Player Information

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Age: 23
AIM SN: FullArmoredGG
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Character Information


Canon Source: Soul Calibur series

Canon Format: Video Game

Character's Name: Raphael Sorel

Character's Age: 32

What form will your character's NV take? A book-- A MAGIC BOOK. The pages work as a sort of screen, where Raphael can write in them and it will be digitized for posting on the network. He can read other entries and watch videos on it as well. He will be fairly convinced it is possessed.


Character's Canon Abilities:

Raphael was raised in a noble family and taught from a young age to wield a sword-- he is highly skilled in fencing and wields his rapier with ruthless grace and cunning. He is light on his feet and quite athletic, though let's be reasonable, he will be at a disadvantage if he gets in any fights with people who have guns or superpowers.

Due to injuries he suffered in battle against Nightmare and the cursed sword Soul Edge, Raphael has changed into something other than human-- his skin is pale, his eyes glow red, he is weak and sluggish during the day and at night, he gains great physical strength-- and a powerful thirst for blood. He still considers himself too good to actually go out and hunt people, but in the heat of battle he is known to restrain his victims and drink blood from their necks. He prefers female blood (men taste weird, idk.) Holy artifacts burn him on contact. So yeah, he's basically a vampire. Draw your own conclusions. It's mentioned that Raphael can spread his curse through some deliberate means, probably his blood, but it takes a certain amount of effort on his part and he has no desire to include the average Joe in his and Amy's super awesome secret vampire club. He will likely not be using this ability.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A


Raphael carries his rapier, Flambert. It is his first and favorite and he will never hesitate to use it if he gets the excuse chance.


Character History:

Raphael Sorel was born to a noble family in the city of Rouen in the 16th century French Empire. There was no love lost between the young master, his parents and other relatives-- the family seemed founded on pride, cunning and a mutual distaste for one another's company. It is said that Raphael's only playmates as a child were the rapier and medicine, and he grew up with a haughty, cool attitude but with a sharp mind for negotiation. He had no real friends, but many admired his cunning and cleverness. It seemed he had a bright future ahead of him as the lord of the house of Sorel.

When Raphael was in his 20's, his family played host to a noble they hoped to support in his political aspirations. One night, a light called the Evil Seed blazed across the sky, caused by the cursed sword Soul Edge thousands of miles away. The noble was driven insane by the Evil Seed and he attacked Raphael, who was forced to kill him in self defense. Raphael's family did not take well to this news, casting their son out of their household and even aiding the soldiers who pursued him for the murder. He had no choice but to flee for his life. As Raphael tried to escape through the slums of Rouen, a little girl grasped him by the hand and hid him from his pursuers. The girl was an orphan named Amy, and she helped the stranger out of spite for the soldiers who made life hell for her and her fellow poor-- but this was the first time anyone had ever shown Raphael kindness. He took it upon himself to repay Amy by protecting her, and adopted her as his foster daughter.

When the coast was clear, Raphael decided that war-torn France was no place for his new daughter, so he took Amy with him and left. No matter where the pair went, though, Amy was too jaded to be happy and open up to the world around them. While holed up in an abandoned mansion in the countryside, Raphael heard the legend of Soul Edge and made the connection between it and what had happened to the noble who attacked him. It occurred to him what kind of chaos such a sword would cause if it made its way to the nobles of France-- why, it would wipe them all out from the inside! And then someone cunning could step in and change society for the better, creating a wonderful new world for Amy to grow up in. Raphael decided he would go after the legendary sword for the sake of his daughter. He's a little bit drastic that way.

Raphael battled his way through the other warriors who sought Soul Edge, and finally arrived at its resting place of Ostrheinsburg Castle to challenge Nightmare, the evil knight who wielded the blade. Nightmare kicked Raphael's ass. As he lay on the verge of death, with Nightmare ready to deal the final blow, Raphael whispered Amy's name and made a last, desperate attack, striking Soul Edge right in the eye. Little did Raphael know, this strike would free the possessed Siegfried/current Nightmare from Soul Edge and basically ensure the eventual salvation of the world as we know it. He failed to notice this as he slipped out of consciousness. When Raphael awoke, Nightmare was gone and had obviously left him alive for some reason.

Dragging himself home, Raphael made it back to the mansion before once again succumbing to his wounds. He would eventually recover fully, but the wounds from the cursed blade had done something to his body-- his skin turned pale, his eyes glowed red in the dark, and daylight made him sluggish and weak. Meanwhile, at night he would awake feeling a powerful thirst for blood. The symptoms spread to Amy as well, likely because she had handled Raphael's blood while nursing him back to health. The local villagers grew suspicious, accused the Sorels of trying to hide a plague, and eventually drove the pair out of the mansion-- and Raphael was furious. Now it was even more impossible for Amy to interact with the world, because she was basically a vampire. Damn cursed sword!

Perhaps deciding to embrace his new state, Raphael took possession of a castle in Wallachia and decided that if Amy could not fit in with the world, then the world would have to change to fit her. He began to spread the curse to the neighboring towns, likely by tainting the water with his own blood (gross.) And he would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for some meddling Korean monk showing up with a "holy stone" and healing all the villagers of their curse. Rather than doing the rational thing and seeing if he and Amy could be healed, Raphael decided he must set out once again to find Soul Edge and to change the world.

Didn't work.

Further research led Raphael to learn about the holy sword, Soul Calibur, that was supposed to be the good equivalent of Soul Edge. The two swords were destined to do battle throughout history, and hearing that Soul Edge had reared its ugly head again, Raphael dropped everything, left Amy alone in the castle and set off to find where the swords would meet to do battle. THEN, of course, he could create that perfect world for his dearest daughter.

Point in Canon: Sometime in the middle of Soul Calibur IV, snatched from his bed in the middle of the day.

Character Personality:

Raphael Sorel is a cold and cunning man, a fallen noble with nothing but contempt for 99% of the people he meets. He is vain, haughty and mocking of those he considers beneath him (pretty much everyone), holding himself with a formal grace and attitude often laced with snide remarks and insults. He has little patience for others, and is basically a snotty, pompous egoist. Highly intelligent and an expert at the rapier, Raphael has been left to his own devices since he was a child, even betrayed and cast out by his own family for a political mistake. As a result, Raphael is cynical and has no faith in his fellow man-- he is disgusted with the state of society and hates the nobility, though his way of "solving" the problem is far less altruistic than it should be. He believes that the only salvation in this world comes from looking out for himself, and his pride will not allow him to ask for help or handouts. He trusts no one, rarely makes alliances and will throw said alliances away in an instant if it suits him.

You could almost call Raphael completely heartless if it weren't for the one exception to his distaste for humanity-- his foster daughter, Amy. She one of the first people to ever show him kindness, and she is absolutely the first person he's ever been kind to himself. He dotes upon her endlessly, provides her the finest in everything, teaches her and even trained her in swordsmanship. Raphael is fiercely protective of her and will do absolutely anything to see to her safety or well-being-- hunt down legendary weapons, take out the French nobility, lose his own humanity, infect entire villages with curses, etc, etc. She is the main force driving him in his various journeys, all in the name of creating a perfect world for her to grow up in-- a world of peace, free of quarreling nobles or petty wars, where dearest Amy won't need to resort to Raphael's own ruthless methods of survival. In an odd twist on his misanthropic personality, it saddens Raphael to see her becoming as world-weary as he is, and he seems defensive of her innocence and faith in the world, where he himself has none.

He sees the world in black and white-- there is that which will aid him and Amy, and then there's the other stuff that he will happily cut down if it means achieving his goal. Though Raphael's plans to give his daughter a perfect life have always been a little half baked, as time goes by they seem less gray and more villainous. What began as an attempt to take her from a war-torn countryside has turned into a mad quest for power and is starting to resemble a world domination scheme, as Raphael will now resort to the wholesale cursing of others if it means the "new world" he has promised Amy. It is unknown if this is a result of the curse in his blood or the result of madness, but Raphael clearly sees no difference between his goals of the past and the present-- it is all for Amy's sake, no matter what must be done.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans:

Raphael is a man who's always in search of a way to come out on top, so I expect him to get involved with a wide variety of groups and people, if only as a way to look out for his own interests. He is the type of guy to reach out to lots of people... so he can mock them, while utterly refusing to cooperate. As time goes by he will hopefully mellow out somewhat.

He is still struggling with his newfound vampirism, still not precisely embracing it-- he still refuses to hunt for blood unless he's already fighting with someone and will stubbornly refuse any aid offered to cure the curse or allow him blood to drink.

Also, someone needs to obsess over Amy's well being.


Will be using his Soul Calibur IV/Broken Destiny appearance.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[Text: appears as quick, but very neat writing as though done with a pen.]

This is not where I was expecting to be once I had awoken. I can only imagine what sort of witchcraft has animated this book. However, it appears that it is a reliable means of getting answers.

And so, I demand that someone provide me an explanation as to where in creation I am. I want a detailed account of how I came to arrive here and then, once I am satisfied in your answers, I want the person responsible for this to show his face to me.

If there is any self-preservation within your pathetic being, you will return me immediately to where I belong. I will stick you like the pig you are if you do not return me at once!

I advise you not to test my patience.

Third Person Sample

"Marienbard, close that window at once."

He watched as the maid across the room quickly scrambled to remove herself from between the curtains and draw them, hurriedly doing up the ties. The last of the afternoon sunlight was still shining in through the cracks, and its mere presence made Raphael's stomach churn and his hand shake around the pages of the book he was reading.

He sat on one of the low shelves of the library, turning through the pages of ancient legends of the Evil Seed and skimming for any mention of its cause. Outside, a low drone of voices could be heard.

"My lord," Marienbard began softly, once the window had been secured, "There are even more gathering down below at the gates."

He continued reading disinterestedly. "Are you afraid of a swarm of farmers, you silly woman? I could march down there and dispose of every last one of them without breaking a sweat, daylight or no."

Raphael slammed the book shut and set it carefully off to the side, helping himself up with the aid of the shelf next to him. He strode across the room to one of the stained glass windows, peering out through the tinted opening at the crowd standing at the gates of his castle. The sun was sinking down beneath the mountains in the distance and twilight was falling.

A slow smirk spread across his lips and he chuckled. "Perhaps one of them would make a nice playmate for Amy," he said aloud, then turned on his heels and headed for the door.

"You may hide in the cellars after you have prepared dinner," he said sharply. "I want a hot meal once I've finished dealing with the swine outside."

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