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Billy Coen Application for Siren's Pull

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Player Information

Name: GG
Age: 23
AIM SN: FullArmoredGG
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yep.
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? IT'S ALL VARIS' FAULT.

Character Information

Canon Source: Resident Evil (0, if you want to get specific)
Canon Format: Video Game

Character's Name: Billy Coen
Character's Age: 26

What form will your character's NV take? An old timey palm pilot cell phone circa 1998. Billy doesn't care much about technology as long as it's functional.


Character's Canon Abilities:

Billy's abilities are largely the result of his former career as a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps-- basically, he can kick your ass. He's very strong and athletic, as his body and mind have been conditioned through strict training. He is experienced with a wide variety of firearms and if a gun is constructed anything like a real-world version, he can probably figure it out and wield it without much trouble. It is telling that Billy was talented enough a soldier to be recruited on Force Recon.

Unrelated but notable, Billy is remarkably talented at playing the piano.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them?

As Billy spends more and more time in Siren's Port, his body will begin to generate an electrical charge. He will be capable of storing this electricity in his body and releasing it when it's needed. This is kind of like when you rub your feet across a carpeted floor and accidentally "shock" people when you touch them, except in Billy's case, after some time it will be more like he accidentally hit them with a taser. Eventually he will be able to trip circuit breakers, fire up electronics and jumpstart dead car batteries by putting his hands on them.

Note that Billy will never be firing lightning from his hands or anything like that-- the electrical charge is restricted to within a few feet of his person, and it will be most effective if somebody actually touches him or gets close. He'll also have to work on controlling it so as not to accidentally shock people standing in close proximity to him.


As Billy recently escaped from a minor zombie outbreak and is currently on the lam, he's armed to the teeth. He carries a duffel bag with a stolen Army-issue 9mm handgun (Colt M1911), a pump-action shotgun (Mossberg M500A "Persuader") and a .44 magnum (Taurus Raging Bull), along with a bit of scavenged ammo (and petnames) for each.

If this is too many weapons, I am absolutely willing to restrict him to just a handgun until he can find more weapons around the city.


Character History:

William "Billy" Coen came from an ordinary middle class Midwestern family, joining the U.S. Marines shortly after he graduated from high school. He proved himself to be a talented soldier and rose through the ranks until he was appointed 2nd Lieutenant and assigned to Force Recon, the Marines' elite special forces unit.

In June of 1997, Billy's unit was sent on a special assignment to intervene in an African civil war. The mission objective was to eliminate a guerrilla hideout deep in the jungle. Unfortunately, the helicopter pilot missed the drop-off point by several miles and the Marines were forced to hike the extra distance through the sweltering, treacherous terrain. Out of all the soldiers on the unit, all but four died en route from a combination of heatstroke and attacks from stray guerrilla soldiers. In the end, only four Marines finally reached the objective, only to find that they had been operating on an intelligence screw-up: there was no guerrilla hideout, only a small village full of civilians. Frustrated, sick with rage, and delirious from the heat, the Marine captain ordered his men to round up the villagers and kill them anyway. Billy protested the order, the four Marines broke into in-fighting, there was a struggle-- and when it was all over, 23 innocent villagers had been slaughtered.

The scandal and outrage echoed all the way into the upper echelons of the military, and the government launched an investigation into the incident. It was eventually reported that one of the Marines "panicked under the extreme conditions and murdered the civilians", and the military promised that the guilty party would be brought to justice. In the end, despite the heavy stench of conspiracy and his claims of innocence, 2nd Lt. Billy Coen was court martialed, convicted on 23 counts of first degree murder, and sentenced to death. He spent a year in military prison at Dunell Military Base, along with at least a brief stint at a mental institution. Finally, on the 21st of July, 1998, Billy was packed into a military police van for transportation to Regarthon Base, where his execution would be carried out on arrival.

The night of July 22nd, as the van drove through the Arklay Mountains on the outskirts of Raccoon City, it was suddenly attacked by a mass of sentient leeches controlled by an opera-singing madman in a robe (yes, really.) The van crashed off the road and into a ditch, where the four MPs inside were torn apart by zombie dogs. Billy would have joined them had his handcuffs not come loose in the crash, allowing him to fight off the creatures and escape. He stole a gun and made a run for his life, coming upon a stalled, abandoned train called the Ecliptic Express a short distance into the forest. Though the idea was for him to sift through the passengers' luggage for supplies, his plans were interrupted when he found all of the passengers transformed into flesh-eating zombies. Billy's escape was further hampered by the arrival of S.T.A.R.S. Officer Rebecca Chambers, who happened to be in the middle of a manhunt for him. The train mysteriously began to move and the cop and the convict were trapped on board together. Though Rebecca initially tried to arrest him (and he initially laughed her off), Billy proposed an uneasy alliance until they could escape the immediate threat of the walking dead.

The pair managed to divert the runaway train to the abandoned Umbrella Management Training Facility miles away in the thick of the forest. The place was crawling with zombies and monsters as well, and Billy and Rebecca ended up bailing each other out of danger multiple times. Though she had initially mistrusted him and took him for a murdering psychopath, Rebecca was beginning to see the gentle, dutiful man under Billy's harsh exterior. It also came to light that there may be more to Billy's story than meets the eye, particularly with evidence suggesting that he may have been sold to Umbrella as a human test subject instead of on his way to be executed like he thought.

After a long, bloody night, barely surviving, the fire-forged pair managed to destroy the massive Queen Leech and put a stop to the lunatic plans of Dr. James Marcus, at last escaping the facility at dawn. From there, Rebecca left to meet up with the rest of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo at a nearby mansion-- but not before taking Billy's dog tags and allowing him to escape. Granted a shot at freedom, Billy packed up the pair's scavenged weapons and disappeared into the wilderness, planning to keep running as long as he could.

The last we hear of Billy is in a falsified police report written by Rebecca Chambers in Resident Evil 2. The report claims that she discovered the remains of a corpse wearing Billy Coen's dogtags in the MP van, but that the body was too desecrated to allow for identification. Rebecca requests that the case be closed and the former Marine be officially pronounced dead, ceasing the manhunt for him.

By then, he was already far away from Raccoon City.

Point in Canon:

Post-game, shortly after the total destruction of Raccoon City. Still on the lam, Billy was in the process of heading north in the hopes of escaping to Canada. He was about to fall asleep in a bus shelter in Minneapolis when he felt the tugging sensation, and awoke to find that he had, in fact, made it to Canada!

Just... a very special part of Canada.

Character Personality:

Billy is quite the introvert, a man of few words who many would describe as "intimidating." Strong, scary-looking and quite short-spoken, he initially comes off as gruff and grumpy, and the huge tattoo on his arm does nothing to give him any "nice guy" vibes. Billy is cynical, blunt and a hardcore realist, often appearing a sarcastic jerk to people who don't know him. He likes to keep to himself for the most part and won't pry into others' business if they don't pry into his.

He may prefer the loner approach in general, but his career as a Marine has prepared him for all sorts of situations. Billy is practical and knows when a problem will be better off handled in numbers-- he works very well in a team, even if he's just a silent participant or keeping a protective eye on the others. His full trust is not easily earned; thanks to recent circumstances, it's difficult for him to form anything more than a temporary alliance with anybody he doesn't know. He has zero patience for liars, traitors, or other people who use the lives of others, and if you betray his confidence even once, he won't be inclined to stick around for you to do it again.

It's hard to tell how much of this introversion and cynicism is genuinely him and how much is a result of what's happened to him, however-- behind his apparently cold, pragmatic nature lies a protective, compassionate person. Those who make the effort to befriend him will find that Billy is a pretty nice guy and a simple man at heart, fond of guns, steak, good beer and classic rock and roll. He is also most certainly a man of his convictions, deeply devoted to his personal ideals of honor, duty and brotherhood. He may expect the worst from other people, but Billy himself will always fight for what he believes is right, and considers it his duty to protect those who need help. Due to his military training and his skill with firearms and athletics, he's very confident, calm and collected in even the most dire of situations and rarely panics or shows fear. He will instantly risk his life for the sake of a friend or ally, whether or not they would do the same for him-- just because he said he would.

A scary (albeit innocent) convicted murderer? Yes. But a gigantic Boy Scout? Absolutely.

Character Plans:

Suddenly freed from the obligation to keep running, Billy won't quite know what to do with himself in the city for a while-- but after a bit, he will adjust and set a pair of goals: foremost, survival and secondly, eventual escape. Thanks to his mistrust of authority, I can't see him joining up with any formal organizations or affiliating himself with either of the factions-- more like lending his strength to various groups as he sees the need arise, never for long and never forever.

The city also provides him an opportunity to settle down and try to live the normal life he's been deprived of for years now. He would make a very excellent bouncer.


And here's a set of icons from my old journal, I'm not sure if I'll be using this journal or another one.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[Billy has discovered the NV in his pocket-- but he certainly didn't have it before. There is a series of small audible beeps as he appears to be fiddling with the buttons. Then he mutters to himself.]

... hell did this come from?

[Long pause. He pushes a few more buttons like he's dialing a phone number and his voice is suddenly clear, like he's speaking into it.]

Don't suppose I can call home with this thing.

[He waits. The phone is silent, then suddenly gives a 'disconnected' signal and the operator's voice tells him that the call cannot be completed. He then sighs heavily.]

Yeah. I'd never be that lucky.

Third Person Sample

He stole a jacket from the coat rack just inside a diner in the third or fourth town he walked through. It was the middle of summer, of course, but he felt exposed walking around other people with just that tanktop on. Anything that would detract from his similarity to his mugshot was worth the risk of stealing. Not to mention the shirt was starting to smell, now covered in splotches of blood and leech slime and who knew what else. Definitely not the kind of attention he wanted.

It was a mechanic's jacket that read MITCH on the front and much to Billy's luck, had fourteen dollars in cash stuffed into the pocket. He mentally apologized to Mitch before he ducked into a gas station and picked out a couple bags of snacks from the convenience store-- Twinkies, a container of beef jerky, a large bottle of water and a granola bar. It occurred to him that this might be the last time he'd be able to pay for something for quite a while. There was enough leftover for him to throw on a pair of sunglasses from the rack, and he almost picked out a hat too before he caught a glance at the nearby mirror while he was trying it on and his first thought was, 'I look like a goddamn serial killer.'

He longed for a shower but there was nowhere to get one, and he wanted to put as much distance between him and Raccoon City as possible. That'd be the first place they'd start looking. Though Rebecca promised to take the heat off of him, he had no idea how long it took to file a police report and how long before they called off the searches. And he wouldn't risk it now. A man did not survive by the skin of his teeth through a night full of flesh-crazed zombies to get himself arrested the next day by being stupid.

On the outskirts of town, it started to rain. Billy pulled the hood up over his head and stuffed one hand in his pocket. The other held the piece of beef jerky he was gnawing on, the first bit of food he'd had since... oh, shit, he thought as a grin slid across his face. This was the first thing he'd eaten since his literal last meal.

"Well, dollface," he said to himself, as he thought of Rebecca, "thanks for giving me the chance to eat breakfast"