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Wolf Application for Siren's Pull

Player Information

Name: GG
Age: 24
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Character Information


Canon Source: The 10th Kingdom

Canon Format: Miniseries

Character's Name: Wolf

Character's Age: Unknown, he appears to be in his early to mid 30's

Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take? A small leather-bound book. The screen and buttons are on the inside, and from the outside it appears to be just an ordinary book.


Character's Canon Abilities: Wolf is a half-wolf, which is almost sort of but not really like a werewolf. His species gifts him with an exceptional sense of smell, and he's able to track scents just like a bloodhound. He has strong instinctual senses-- he can pick up on danger with much greater foresight than an ordinary human. He can also identify strange or inhuman traits in other people-- in particular others who have some type of wolfish blood in them. Other than his heightened senses, Wolf looks and acts like an ordinary human man (with an odd proclivity for scratching behind his ears and other doglike mannerisms) and the only thing that normally betrays his heritage is the presence of a fluffy tail, which he keeps hidden under his clothes. When he becomes greatly angry, hungry or aroused, his eyes glow bright yellow.

Once a month around the full moon, Wolf suffers from what is played off as a bizarre sort of "PMS"-- he gets cramps, becomes incredibly moody and loses his temper at the drop of a hat. At the worst of it, the slightest urge can turn him from his normally charming self to a ravenous, uncontrollable beast-- he develops fangs, inhuman strength and a far more bestial appearance (it is assumed he can become a classic dire wolf, but they didn’t have the budget to portray this in canon.) Wolf is fortunately aware of this and takes steps to lock himself away, lest he get into trouble with local shepherds during the moon.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A

Weapons: None


Character History:

The world of the 9 Kingdoms is a world where fairy tales are real, and famous characters like Jack the Giantkiller and Snow White are historical figures rather than bedtime stories. Unfortunately, "happy ever after" didn't last as long as anyone hoped, and the 9 Kingdoms are gripped by turmoil and disorder.

Wolf was born in the 2nd Kingdom, better known as the kingdom founded by the great Red Riding Hood. His grandfather was the infamous Big Bad Wolf of legend, and it's implied that he's also descended from Red Riding Hood herself-- though if Wolf is aware of the fact, he doesn't bring it up due to certain uncomfortable notions that implies. It is unknown how, precisely, someone comes to be born a half-wolf, but whatever the case, they are seen as pariahs in the 9 Kingdoms and face mistrust and persecution wherever they go.

Wolf's parents preferred to emphasize the lupine side of the family's heritage. As a cub, he was encouraged to gorge himself on farm animals and sometimes even on human flesh. His family was fascinated by the moon and they would spend hours out staring at it, especially when it was full. When he was 7, Wolf's parents were captured and burned at the stake by angry villagers, leaving the young Wolf the only survivor and granting him a deep grudge against humans.

He took to a life of drifting, wandering around the 9 Kingdoms and trying to make his way in the world. His half-wolf heritage made him an outcast in society, though his run-ins with the law for dining on livestock and harassing shepherdesses probably didn't help much either. He was eventually arrested for sheep-worrying and thrown into Snow White Memorial Prison in the 4th Kingdom.

The prison was also the home of the Evil Queen, who one day escaped her confinement and began a plot to take over the 9 Kingdoms by transforming Prince Wendell into a dog. Seeing a chance, Wolf volunteered to work for the Queen in exchange for his freedom. She released him under orders to track down the escaped prince, and Wolf followed the dog into a magic mirror that led to the mystical 10th Kingdom-- modern-day Manhattan, New York City...

... Or actually, the city of Siren's Port, Canada.

Point in Canon: Episode 1, just after he jumps into the magic mirror (he has gotten only a glimpse of Virginia and not met her.)

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality:

It's best said that Wolf is a man of his appetites, and he is, as he proclaims, "born to gorge." Like the stereotypical fairy tale wolf, he is eternally hungry, whether it be for plump pigs, fluffy sheep or rarely, for unfortunate human girls. His hunger for food often blurs over into sexual hunger, and he loves the thrill of chasing beautiful young women almost as much as he loves a big meal, easily tempted by a cute smile or a little blush. His various appetites have brought him into numerous run-ins with the law, and though most people in the 9 Kingdoms are biased against half-wolves anyway, he is often dismissed as little more than a ravenous beast who will do anything to feed.

Years of fending for himself have made him quite an opportunist-- he'll do whatever he must to make things turn out well for himself. He switches allegiances so quickly it's hard to tell what he’s up to at any given time. He's crafty and a shameless liar, charismatic and somehow very convincing, despite the fact that he wears his emotions on his sleeve and is appallingly bad at blending in with normal humans. Wolf is just audacious enough to get away with most of his schemes, since nobody believes that somebody who's lying could be that obvious about it. His handsome, rugged face and those big, sad puppy eyes of his probably don't hurt either.

Despite his big and bad exterior and his big and worse reputation, Wolf is ultimately kindhearted and secretly desires to be a good person, hoping to settle down with a mate and cubs someday. He longs to reform his wolfish ways, though genuinely has trouble controlling his urges when he's really worked up. Long despised and ostracized for his heritage, Wolf chastises himself for acting like a predator, though has trouble accepting the idea that he can be anything else-- after all, what else can a wolf be except Big and Bad? As a result of his sincere desire to be good, he is quite sensitive about the judgment of others and gets very defensive when his heritage is used against him. He hides a repressed resentment for humans given the cruelty he's faced from them his whole life, and those feelings are liable to show themselves, perhaps violently, when he feels threatened or persecuted.

When he's off guard or not trying to manipulate people, Wolf has an extremely neurotic personality, struggling between naughty and nice, constantly second-guessing and often engaging in verbal arguments with himself. He is usually hyperemotional-- frantic and jumpy when he's happy; growling and snarling when he's angry; prone to whimpering, howling, crying and becoming incredibly pathetic when his feelings are hurt. Wolf is highly theatrical and lives for dramatics; he's fond of epic adventures, poetic scenery, passionate declarations and most of all, fairy tale romances.

Yes, despite his sexual appetite, Wolf is actually a hopeless romantic who falls in love with pretty girls fairly easily-- the ones he deems too special to eat, anyway. Any girl who finds herself the target of his affections will have an incredibly loyal suitor who will spare no expense and no shame when it comes to impressing his beautiful princess. And god help you if he thinks you're trying to move in on his special lady. He can be just a bit territorial.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A

Character Plans: Wolf would make an excellent double agent for either AGI or SERO, and possible land himself in a lot of hot water in the process. He’d likely begin as something of a criminal but gradually wish to reform his darker ways. I’d especially love for him to end up on trial at some point.

Also, farmers are about to have a new worry on their hands.

PB: Scott Cohen

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

Huff puff! I’ve got to say, I’m pretty well-traveled-- seen all 9 Kingdoms in my time, you know-- but none of them have anything to compare to this magnificent sight! Look at those lights! That rrrrrrradiant skyline, the towers that tower like mountains over the majestic plains! You 10th Kingdom people really know how to live it large, don’t you?

With that said, I, ah... I wonder if anybody’s seen a young lady who, er... found my doggie. A mangy old yellow-haired mutt, nothing special at all, I assure you. I do miss him terribly.

Third Person Sample

Wolf was surprisingly good at being stealthy when he needed to be, which was a surprise to anyone who happened to be shopping at that sector 4 grocery store on this particular day. The scruffy man, wearing a suit jacket and pacing back and forth on the freezer aisle, seemed to be having a full conversation with himself.

“You’re in control here! You are IN! CONTROL! You don’t need those pork chops! Those tender, meaty, pork chops, swimming in their own juices, laced with a luscious layer of silky fat, sitting there on the shelf just begging for it! Ah! AAH! STOP IT!”

He growled, shook his head and scratched behind his ear, whimpering.

“You don’t have any money! And you are far beyond stealing, yes, you are- well, no, you’re not… I don’t know why I just said that, ha ha ha… it’s not like work is easy to come by when you’re a poor chap like me, starving on the streets, bereft of even one little plump piggie. It doesn’t even have to be a big one. I’ll settle for one of the scrawny little ones with hardly any meat on them—WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT, LADY?”

The old woman scampered away and Wolf stopped, staring hungrily at the meat on the shelf once more before finally turning away, taking a deep breath.

“Okay. Okay. You win. We’ll just take one little pork chop. Just a single solitary little chop! They’ll never miss it!”

He looked around for any witnesses, then tore open the freezer door, yanked out the package and ripped away the plastic, shoving one of the pork chops into his mouth and devouring it in a matter of seconds.

He paused, gnawing on the bone, and took it out of his mouth.

“You know, once the package is open the rest’ll just spoil…